House for sale in New Victoria Hill South

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€ 169.000


ID : 244
VHC-B3, Поморие, 8250, Бургас
Местоположение: VHC-B3, Поморие, 8250, Бургас
Категория: Продается
Тип объекта: Дом
Спецпредложение: Да
Всего просмотров: 4196
Рейтинг: (0/5)

Base Information

Гостинные: 4
Кровать: 3

Parking Information

Парковка: 2

Building Information

Кол-во этажей/этаж: 2

Land Information

Площадь (кв. фт.): 157 м2
Размер лота: 348 м2
Diagnostic de Performance Energetique:
Logement économe (kWH/m)
(< 50) A
(51 до 90) B
(91 до 150) C
(151 до 230) D
(231 до 330) E
(331 до 450) F
( > 451) G


Общие удобства
Electric Hot Water
Другие удобства
Handicap Facilities
Общественные удобства
Tennis Court
Football ground
Энергосберегающие удобства
Внешние удобства
Exterior Lighting
plastic joineri


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  городское водоснабжение
The magnificent and spacious Type A Houses were specially designed to satisfy the requirements of our most demanding customers.

Victoria Hill South is the latest addition to the luxurious residential complexes Victoria Residences, located less than 1 km from the seafront. Exquisite panoramic views of the beautiful bay of Burgas, quality and comfort guaranteed by the high level of construction and the best materials are put to create your luxurious home on the sea. An abundance of pleasant emotions and fun shared with your friends and family, a cozy and richly landscaped spacious area with controlled access, a rich variety of services for both small and large – here you will find the dreamed spot for your new home and vacation.

20 detached single-family villas impress with unique design and identity, all finished with turnkey materials accroding to the request of each of our clients. We offer a variety of layouts and interior solutions to satisfy even the highest demands of our customers. Spacious living rooms with open space payouts for kitchens and dining areas, cozy fireplaces and panoramic French windows will help you enjoy the wonderful views of the Bourgas Bay in the best possible way.

Set in a clean and ecological area surrounded by vineyards, Victoria Residences offer you a new level of quality of living and environment, just 10 minutes from the busy rhythm of the city. Richly designed common areas, gazebos, rooftops, and beautiful pools are a dream-come-true for the owners of Victoria Hill South.
The main goal that we set during the design of each of the Victoria Residences complexes is the creation of a quality, cozy and safe living environment, in harmony with the surrounding nature, and according to the latest trends and requirements in the construction of luxury houses.

When building our villas, we put the best techniques and materials into creating a comfy homes planned to last for the future generations. In each of our vilals we provide the possibility of installing individual heating systems such as heat pumps or underfloor heating, as well as the “smart home” function. The rich experience that we have in individual interior solutions gives us the confidence to be helpful with useful solutions for each of our customers.

The ultimate goal of Victoria Residences is the creation of a fully independent mini-district of luxury homes in complexes with controlled access, well-developed infrastructure, diversity of quality services for all our residents.

Buy your dream home in Victoria Hill South to set a new life page for you and your family in a tranquil and cozy zone, not far from the big city, a new level of living and environment that is the special landmark of Victoria Residences!

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